The Full Moon

Heading west on a state highway in Florida, I pass a brown sign with a hiking symbol on it as I’m on the phone. The plan was to get another hour west and run some boring roads near the place I had chosen to stay for the night but I won’t pass up a sign like that without at least checking it out. The sun is set and I put on my headlamp in the same fashion as I did at 5:30pm the day of the Pinhoti. Given some setbacks with recovery, a lot of the things that happened during the race haven’t resurfaced in my mind because I haven’t replicated them. Running at nigh has been one of those things. The sun is setting and I decide to get my headlight from Jason while I have the opportunity. The next time I see him, it may be too late. I set it on low as I fall into a group of people who all happened to leave the aid station at the same time. We hit a stretch of trail and river crossing appears just as the final light of the day leaves a ominous glow on the horizon. … Continue reading “The Full Moon”

The Horizon

It’s 26 minutes until sunset here on this beach in Florida. Driving down A1A last year, I scouted out potential spots to post up and spend a few days and that work is now paying off. The parking lot is larger than a Wal-Mart, the beach is open 24 hours, and overnight parking is allowed. The clouds off to the southeast keep dancing west as the last bit of sun reaches over the horizon. Looking east, this beach is spectacular in the morning, but the sunsets are equally as mesmerizing as you stare off into the horizon as the final light of the day disappears over the dunes. Off to the left a rainbow appears near some clouds that are raining on the Ocean. 2 days later, I’m enjoying the sunrise from a different perspective while running a gravel canal trail in the Everglades. 8 miles and my knee feels great, likely do to the extensive foam rolling and stretching over the past few days. 2 days after that, I run 4 miles, ride 20, then run 8 miles with some hard intervals mixed in. I realize I’m back to normal and stronger than ever. I realized recently that although … Continue reading “The Horizon”

Watching Shadows Dance 

Standing around a white table at 5am, Leeland walks up with a cardboard box and pulls out a handful of analog clocks that he probably pulled off the wall of his house on his way out the door. All the clocks are synced together and he tells us that the 2 manned aid stations will be using them for official time-keeping. The others standing there with me had a blank look on their face as they decided what to make of this odd statement. An oriental lady with running poles in hand walks up next to me and glances at my legs and my gear and makes a remark about how I look like I know what I’m doing. The look of fear in her eyes made it seem as though she might have underestimated what was about to come.  You mean to tell me I dropped at that aid station last year and this was only another 2 miles later? 2 miles in we hit a paved walking trail. There’s a giant hole in the ground but since it’s 3am, we can’t see any more than what out headlights are illuminating. I begin the descent just as “Grand Canyon” … Continue reading “Watching Shadows Dance “